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January 2017

Arabic language

Arabic language   The Arabic language is the fifth spoken language in the world and the most important language for Muslims. Arabic

Arabic online conversation

Arabic online conversation This course is for advanced students. Al-Azhar Arabic teaching set this online course for students who can read Arabic

Steps to perfect Arabic

  Steps to perfect Arabic   Arabic is the language you need to if you want to learn the Quran. The language

The religion of peace

The religion of peace   Islam is the last message revealed from God to his prophet Muhammad (PUH) after the two religions;

The greatness of the Quran

The greatness of the Quran     “Virtues of the one who memorizes Qur’an When you read Quran, you will find that

The importance of the Quran

The importance of the Quran   Quran was the great book revealed by Allah upon the last messenger, to complete the previous

how to memorize quran

 How to memorize Quran   In most of the Arab Muslim homes, when a child grows up and starts speaking; they send

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