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 Al-Azhar University, one of the most popular Islamic universities of the world. Our aim is to guarantee the utmost limit of learning experience for our learners.
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Want to learn Arabic, Quran recitation, and Islamic Studies? Very eager to have Ijazah in Quran? Interested in Quran and want to know the meaning of its words At Al Azhar Quran Teaching, we set a very all-inclusive program of teaching for the most Quick and professional results.
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Our qualified and experienced teachers help children to improve their knowledge of Islam; the true Islam, the religion of love, peace, and mercy. They also build the student's confidence to recite Quran properly applying the rules of Tajweed.
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Do you want to learn quran from the comfort of your house, and not to be threatened by the bad changes of weather? Seeking for Quran classes that best meet your schedule. Looking forward to qualified Quran teachers.


Learn arabic online

Tired of searching for Arabic teaching centers, and do not know where to go to learn Arabic? You find Arabic centers, but they are too far from your house? Eager to teach Arabic from Arabic native speaker teachers?


learn quran for kids

Your kid start speaking and you want to teach him Quran! He is too young to go long distances by himself. Or you do not find Quran centers that he can go to learn Quran. Now you can be peace-minded about your kid.


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learn quran with tajweed

If you are interested in Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies; and you want to learn from the comfort of your house. Do not be hesitant and join our online classes. You can learn, Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies 


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 Zainul-Abdeen; a non-Arabic speaker. He joined Al-Azhar Quran teaching, which is an Online Organization that teaches Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies and he learned how to speak Arabic and becomes able to read the Quran, he also become a Hafez. Do not miss this chance and do not be hesitant to enroll your child to our academy to help him with the Quran memorizing and learning Arabic.

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