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Ustazah Hend

Ustazah Hend

My name is Hend I’ve a Solid experience of teaching Quran in Arabic language. Strong command over the Arabic language both oral

Ustazah Yomna

  My name is Yomna  I’m a Quranic and Islamic Subjects teacher provides Quran and Islamic Studies Undergraduate degree in Arabic/Islamic Sciences

Ustaza Mostafa Mahmoud

My name is Mostafa Mahmoud Farid. I live in Cairo. I am a student at Al-Azhar university, Faculty Of The Languages And

Ustazah Mariam

My name is Mariam Mohammed ghazaly . Iam 24 years old. -I graduted from the university of Sience. -I memorized the qura'n

Ustazah Eiman

My name is Eiman Mahmoud Mansour, graduated from faculty of languages and translation department of simultaneous interpretation. I have memorized the Holy

Ustazah Doaa

My name is Doaa Abd El Ghfar Abd El Megeed I live in Haram, Giza I am 36 years old I am

Ustaza Belal

My name is Belal I AM from Egypt ,I studied at Al-azhar ,and graduated from it's university in Cairo from the faculty

Ustaza Ammar

My name is Ammar Elhusinni. I’m studying at the faculty of languages and translation, English department, Islamic studies, Al-Azhar University. I’ve learned

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